• Christian Vuerings
  • Senior Web Application Engineer UC Berkeley
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Christian is a front-end developer who's interested in the latest web technologies. He creates websites that are clean, straightforward and easy to use.
He is passionate about automating development by making sure developers are using the right tools for the job.
He has been writing AngularJS applications for over 2 years and is currently working at UC Berkeley.
In his free time he works on a few open-source projects which are available on GitHub (@christianv)


  • Angular & Rails: Marriage or Divorce?
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-132
Over the course of 2 years, Christian has been working on an application that uses Angular on the front-end and Rails on the back-end.
Rails exposes the API REST endpoints while Angular consumes those on the front-end.
In this talk you'll be learning about multiple tools that improve the connection between Angular & Rails. You'll find out about the best way to load Angular templates, optimize the assets pipeline & how to avoid duplication when doing DI (Dependency Injection).