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I started my coding career living in a 6x12 trailer behind my 1981 Ford Ranger, a truck that is older than me. Since then I have strived to produce rich experiences for users that they could understand and enjoy while making their lives easier.I am a strong believer in open source technology, but also in innovating. I feel like we should not just use open source, but also contribute and create.I hold 2 land speed records on an electric motorcycle, and completed the most dangerous road race in america on a talking electric race motorbike running ubuntu, and nodeJS with an HTML5 Chrome app interface. The bike also served as a party DJ at the TTXGP & MotoGP with the HTML5 mobile app we built which interfaces with GrooveShark APIs.I currently am leading the development of a brand new system for a bionic eye for one of our clients, Second Sight Medical. This system is powered by Node.JS and it's front end is HTML, JS and CSS3.I love modern web technology, and how it isn't limited to the web anymore.


  • A Bionic Man on an HTML5 Powered Motorcycle
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
This talk will show the adoption of modern web technologies for application development in highly technical fields such as embedded devices, automotive applications, and the biomedical fields. I will do this by explaining how I use HTML5 and JavaScript, along with Node.JS, to power :1. Bionic Eyes, yes, the kind that get put in your head, well more like an electrode array inserted into your own eyeball that stimulates your retina. 2. Talking Electric Motorcycles... real ones that I race at over 100 mph agains gas bikes on some of the most dangerous courses in the world.