• Bert Belder
  • Co-Founder and Node Core Maintainer StrongLoop
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Bert Belder has been a Node.js core contributor since 2011 and along with Ben Noordhuis is one of the two longest running Node maintainers still active. The two are co-founders of StrongLoop who employ half of the top 10 contributors to Node v0.12 and maintain popular modules such as Express and LoopBack. Bert first got involved in open source by doing the Windows port of libuv and has been a leader in the Node community since then.


  • What’s coming in Node.js
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-135
ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 7, generators, zones, yield, long stack traces, multi-threading concepts, and the growing closer of Node.js with Browser JavaScript all lie ahead of us. Join longtime Node.js core maintainer Bert Belder here from Amsterdam to bring you from the TC39 working group to the bowels of libuv (the library that powers Node.js) to incorporating ES6 and ES7 features in Node.js and how this is going to make all kinds of fun stuff possible and your life better.