• Ben Farrell (1st Session)
  • Design Technologist GE
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Whatever you call him... a front-ender, a creative developer, full stack engineer, Ben just loves to have fun pushing lots of pixels and making them do his bidding. Ben likes to try new things and talk about it whether they work or don't.


  • Atomic Desktop Power with Node.js
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-130
To the Batmobile! Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, ready to make some desktop applications with Node.js! Atom-shell by Github is the Batmobile for HTML5. Your website can already zip around Gotham city fighting crime, but sometimes you need more power and tools. Atom-shell combines a Chromium front end with the power of Node.js, allowing you to make some powerful desktop applications on OSX, Windows, or Linux. This session covers how to build an HTML5 based application utilizing features from Node.js that were never possible in your browser. Beginner front-enders will love the ease at which we can create applications, while seasoned veterans will love the potential that Node.js has to offer for creating anything you can think of. Ben will also show you how to supercharge the Node.js piece with C++ addons giving you more power, speed, and the capability to incorporate existing C++ libraries. Don't worry, Ben isn't a C++ expert either so he doesn't expect you to be, but can arm you with just enough knowledge to do some amazing things that Node can't do on its own.