• Bartosz Szopka
  • Developer Kerio Technologies
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Bartek started his career as Java developer, but quickly moved to the front-end side and never looked back. Programming for the web is his job and a passion that he loves to share by building open-source tools (such as impress.js) or speaking at conferences and meet-ups. Currently he works at Kerio Technologies remotely from his home in Poland, where he is the ’prototyping’ bridge between design and development teams split across San Jose, California and Pilsen in Czech Republic.


  • In vivo prototyping
  • Time: TBD | Room: N-120
Prototypes have an important role in the design process of any web application because they allow to verify new ideas quickly and cheaply. As developers we often avoid working on prototypes, because it seems to be slow and expensive. But it doesn't have to be that way. What if you could prototype new features of your app within existing application code, using production data? What if you could release the prototype to production server and test it on real users? As a developer working closely with UX and design team I'd like to share our hands-on experiences, successes, failures, practical tips and lessons we learned while prototyping some of new features ’in vivo’ inside of our application.