• Amit Zur
  • Senior Mobile Web Developer Capriza Inc.
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Amit has been developing software since around 2003 and doing web for about 8 years. His expertise is in building great user experience and large frontend infrastructures. At times, an activist in an Open Government Data organization. His passion is for good code, web design, developer productivity and team work. For the rest of the fun he does origami, plays the piano, practices capoeira, is a husband of one gorgeous wife and a father of one amazing boy


  • How to create a Native-like experience in the Mobile Web
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-131
Developing for mobile web is nothing like developing for desktop. The browser is slower, the mouse and keyboard interface switched to touch, and the usage profile is different - launch quickly, ditch even quicker. In order to get to a native-like experience, developers need to have a deeper understanding of the browser, know the limitations, and get acquainted with new ways to do things that were traditionally coded in a much more tolerant environment. Animations, caching, forms, data, design, scrolling, event handling, etc. - all these have to be treated differently. I will share my findings from several years exploration of trying to get to that native-like promised land on the small form factor. The presentation will encompass several HTML5 and CSS3 features overview, live HTML examples of animation profiling, and a bit of tooling tips.