• Alex Russell
  • Software Engineer Google
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Alex Russell is a software engineer at Google, working on Chrome, Chrome Frame, and the broader web platform. Alex serves on the JavaScript standard committee (ECMA TC39) and is active in the design of many new web APIs.


  • Engaging Apps: Service Workers, Push, and Notifications
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-132
Web applications have tended to feel more 'webby' than 'appy'.

It has been difficult for users to rely on web applications. Service Workers finally let us make reliable, dependable, FAST user experiences that work even when offline and in low-bandwidth situations.

Web applications have also been limited in their user experiences. Service Workers also open the door to providing very UN-weblike features like background synchronization and user notifications (even when the app isn’t loaded in the foreground!), which users have grown to expect from a real app platform

This talk outlines the opportunities, challenges, and new API opportunities that Service Workers will enable in your next project, including Offline That Just Works (™), Push Messaging, Notifications, and Manifest-driven bookmarking.