• Aaron Franco
  • CTO Clickslide
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I am the Chief Technology Officer of Clickslide Limited and a data scientist. The focus of my career is on practical and theoretical data generalization, simplification and interpretation. Over the years I have developed a number of integrated systems and automated workflows, all leading up to the technological advancements we have made and continue to make at ClickSlide Limited. During the 7+ years I spent in Tokyo, I developed an automated system that connected a legacy blogging platform directly to OSX through deep API integration and machine automation. After living in Japan and learning to speak Japanese fluently, I moved to London where I co-founded ClickSlide. As CTO of ClickSlide I am guiding the development of technology that will revolutionize the way people use and develop software. At Clickslide we believe in Datadipity. Datadipity is an open standard for all APIs. Using our technology anyone can incorporate, mashup and structure API data without programming.


  • HTML5 Powered IoT Products
  • Time: TBD | Room: E-132
Leveraging HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and Datadipity (http://clickslide.co) developers can build internet connected products in 1 day. We have demonstrated this technique by winning multiple hackathons. The products we've created include a connected Dog Collar, a connected door lock for keyless entry, a connected garbage can to weigh your trash and many more. Using this advanced technique, IoT products can be reduced to one HTML file and one Javascript file running inside of a Phonegap application. Developers can leverage existing APIs and cloud services to build a virtual full-stack without having to learn anything new or program any of the API interactions. We believe HTML5 is the future of software development and aim to support HTML5 developers with a fast and stable method to deliver IoT products with HTML5 & Javascript only. Here is an example of an IoT product built in 1 day using this technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C6MgZsbVYE