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  • Uri Sarid
  • CTO at MuleSoft
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Uri Sarid

Uri brings over 20 years of technology and research leadership experience to MuleSoft, most recently as Vice President of the NOOK Cloud at Barnes & Noble, where he architected, led, and released the flagship digital content and user platform for NOOK. Previously, Uri was VP of Engineering at eMeter (acquired by Siemens), the leading provider of enterprise software for the SmartGrid. Uri has also held CTO and VP of Engineering positions at innovative companies including Loyalize, Aptana, Accomplice, Noosh, and digiGroups. Uri began his career with research and teaching positions at Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and the University of Notre Dame.

Uri holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics from Harvard University and a B.S. with Highest Distinction from the University of Arizona. He is an author on 7 patents.


  • RAML - APIs By Design
  • Time: Tuesday @ 1:30pm | Room N-124

APIs are everywhere: whether you're building single-page apps, mobile apps, enterprise or consumer software, you're either offering or consuming APIs, or both. There are thousands of public APIs today, and millions of enterprise APIs on the way; a growing number are RESTful, to some extent. APIs can be transformative, to your business and your career. Any successful API strategy considers the entire APX: the Application Programming eXperience. And key to that experience is deliberate API design. I examine a new language for specifying practically-RESTful APIs, RAML: the RESTful API Modeling Language. It's built for human-oriented, agile API design; encapsulates patterns; and enables new engagement experiences with the most important element of API success: delighting the API consumers.


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