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  • Tony Phillips
  • CEO, Hackreactor

Tony is the CEO of Hack Reactor, a 12 week Javascript immersion school. He has worked in education his entire life, including a Fulbright grant in South Korea to work on the national education system. He contributes to initiatives like Coder Dojo and Railsbridge, and has worked with hundreds of people navigate their first steps toward learning to code.


  • Javascript Simplified: The Cliff’s Notes
  • Time: Tuesday @ 2:30pm | Room E-131

We'll cover the fundamentals of practical JavaScript usage in a browser, with a focus on language features that tend to confuse people most in their first year or so of front-end work. This will be an extremely hands-on session, drawing on the accelerated curriculum we use for rapid on-boarding at Hack Reactor, the JavaScript immersion school.


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