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Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan is a Developer Evangelist for Adobe. The job basically entails helping developers using Adobe technologies to be successful. His focus is on web and mobile technologies including expertise in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Previous to that, he spent a decade working in various technical roles at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Terry is also the author of Driving Technical Change, a Pragmatic Bookshelf title. It's about convincing reluctant co-workers to adopt new tools and ideas.


  • Designing with CSS
  • Time: Wednesday @ 10:40am | Room N-120

CSS is easy in isolated cases - setting a singular color, or laying out a single item. But where CSS get daunting is when you are handed a comp and told "Make that work on the web." This session will start with interfaces you are familiar with (iOS,Facebook, etc), will analyze them, show how to break them up into manageable pieces and make them live in the browser.

  • Programming in CSS
  • Time: Tuesday @ 2:30pm | Room E-132

Discover how you can you can program CSS the way you program the rest of your application: with variables, functions, and operations. This session will reveal tools and techniques that will improve your efficiency and flexibility when working with style sheets.In this session, you will: Explore different approaches to making CSS "programmable"; Learn how to maximize the structure and reusability of your style sheets; Investigate existing CSS toolkits such as Sass, Less, and Stylus; See how these toolkits can be used in real-life projects.


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