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Steve Newcomb is the co-founder and CEO of Prior to Steve was the co-founder of Powerset a semantic search engine that was bought by Microsoft and later became the search engine Bing. Steve created with the vision of building the utltimate javascript development platform for designers, application developers and platform engineers. Being largely self taught, Steve also deeply believes in the power of right click | view source and has elected to make an open source project where the learning can be shared by all.


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  • Time: Tuesday @ 1:30pm | Room E-132 is a free and open source JavaScript library that is currently in private beta and about to launch into open beta to over 60,000 developers. enables application developers to build beautiful native speed based apps and games in HTML5 that take advantage of' 3D rendering, 3D physics, multi-screen and gesture engines. Designers can access the motion via the physics engine without coding, application developers can build quickly using app templates and widgets without worrying about performance and platform engineers can build thier own primitives from scratch with direct source code access to the full power of the engines.

Famo,us has been under development for more than two and a half years and so far only Hardware vendors have seen it in action. At the conference, Steve Newcomb is going to show us for the first time live. He's going to be showing us 20 demos. at the full beta launch, each of these demos will be posted on CodePen with an attached tutorial, DOCO file and unobfuscated app and core source code. Demos will include a wide variety of things built in including generative art, apps, games, widgets and tons of physics based interfaces. Demos include 3D generative DOM controlled by music, modifiying physics engine based animations in an app live, a Leap Motion app built in and a walkthrough of a Tutorial - building the Twitter iPhone app demo in 180 lines of code.


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