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  • Stephen Blum
  • Founder/CTO, PubNub
Stephen Blum

Stephen is the founder and CTO of PubNub. Stephen’s vision and strong technical chops drove the initial architecture of PubNub, building a core engine that has successfully scaled to the some of the largest real-time deployments in the world. Stephen has been a successful software entrepreneur his whole life, starting his first company, LTSun, at age 17, and joining Microsoft after its acquisition. Stephen was the chief architect for, a 50-language social recommendations site that grew to over 1 million users across over 100 countries.


  • A New Development Model for Real-Time Apps: Peer-to-Peer meets Authoritative Control
  • Time: Wednesday @ 5:00pm | Room N-120

What if you could have clients speak directly to each other in real-time, with websocket type connectivity? It’s a good idea, but it’s hard to do. Before WebSockets, you might write a Ruby or Node.JS REST app server to interface with Mongo, Couch, or Riak for DB read/writes. Other clients then request the state from your app server to update themselves on a periodic basis. This is all driven by user actions, right?

What you need is a secure client-to-client global real-time network; a secure global mesh.

We’ll cover how to sync data from client-to-client without hindering your choice of technology and data storage. Utilizing your existing (or new) business rules, you can run your code safely behind closed firewalls by changing your Controller (of MVC) to take advantage of your mesh network; essentially transforming your app server into a referee, or sideline arbiter. Your users are able to speak directly to each other and your app server steps in when needed.


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