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Sidney Maestre is the Platform Evangelist for StackMob, a leading provider of backend services for mobile developers. Prior to joining StackMob, Sidney immersed himself in the world of payments as a Developer Evangelist at PayPal. He spent the last few years building mobile apps and sharing his knowledge with others. These efforts include speaking at Dutch Mobile Conference, MobileWebDevConf, Adobe MAX, 360iDev, SenchaCon, HTML5DevConf, creating courses on jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, and iOS with StackMob, for the platform and organizing the Bay Area Mobile meetup


  • Training Course 1/2 Day Backbone JS
  • Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm | Room: SFSU (Room TBA)

In this hands on lab, we will work through a series of examples that build on each other as I show how the moving parts work together. We'll add the StackMob JavaScript SDK to extend backbone.js and persist your data in the cloud. We'll wrap up our session looking at how require.js allows you to break your backbone.js code into discrete modules during development. Once you are ready to deploy you can use require.js to build an optimized version of your javascript for production.


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