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Shawn is an instructor and cofounder at Hack Reactor, SF's leading training program for software engineers. He's been a technical team lead at OkCupid Labs and at YC-funded Campus Cred. The job search curriculum he developed at Hack Reactor, developed from his experiences on both sides of the interview, has led to Hack Reactor's 100% job placement rate. He's been a teacher since the age of 17, when he taught classes on pointer dereferencing and algorithmic complexity at his high school.


  • Technical Challenges from Front-end Interviews
  • Time: Tuesday @ 4:00pm | Room N-122

Can you build an event binding system in ten lines of code? Do you know what problems border-box incurs? It just so happens that the most common front-end tech interview questions span the most interesting corners of browser technologies. In this talk, Shawn Drost will give you a taxonomy of interview questions, dive deep into solutions, and collate your best resources for further study. You'll leave with a stronger grasp of the technologies you use every day, and a roadmap for success in interviews. The material is drawn from the curriculum of Hack Reactor, an immersion school that routinely leads software engineers toward 5 figure increases to their skills and marketability.


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