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  • Sarah Drasner
  • Lead UI/UX Designer and Developer, Basho Technologies
Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner is the lead UI/UX Designer and Developer for the marketing team at Basho Technologies. Before joining Basho, Sarah worked for the Field Museum of Natural History as a Scientific Illustrator and Front-End Developer, and worked for the Field Museum’s publication, Fieldiana. Sarah has worked for Stanford University department of Neurology and UCSF Medical School as a Front-End Developer and Medical Illustrator. She was project lead and UX-Developer for many various author websites through the firm Waxcreative in Oakland. She has taught Painting, Photography and Digital Media at Hellenic International Studies in the Arts in Paros, Greece as an arts professor, and has tutored a byzantine icon painter in Santorini. Sarah also taught a literacy program for the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.


  • CSS Animation to Tell a Story
  • Time: Wednesday @ 4:00pm | Room E-132

Using advanced techniques, we will be constructing engaging CSS animations with very little to no jQuery. Through the creation of scalable graphics we will emphasize using the smallest amount of code for maximum impact and show when it is appropriate to use transitions versus animations and even how to combine them. We will look at current support for techniques across browsers, and spacial depth with foreground, middleground, and background. We will also be discussing the use of storyboarding to work out ideas to cut down on editing time and the composition of a nuanced character, even if the character is a concept.


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