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  • Roy Sutton
  • Open webOS Community Manager, LG Silicon Valley Lab
  • Twitter | Github

Roy Sutton is the Community Manager for LG's Open webOS project. He is the author of Enyo: Up and Running from O'Reilly Media and a contributor to the Enyo project. He has been a mobile developer for longer than the term has existed. You can find him on twitter as @Pre101


  • Web Components with Enyo
  • Time | Room

Web technologies have advanced so that native quality apps are easily produceable. However, applying traditional approaches for creating web sites to app design has led to poorly constructed, difficult to maintain apps. In this talk, Roy Sutton will demonstrate how the open source Enyo JavaScript framework uses a component model to enhance performance, reliability and reusability. He will give some concrete examples of how the component based approach along with a focus on JavaScript, rather than markup, can improve app development.

  • WorkshopDesign, Build and Deploy Cross-Platform
  • Time | Room

In this workshop you will learn to create and deploy a native-quality application using web technologies. Roy Sutton and Dave Freeman will show how Enyo, a free, open source HTML5 framework makes it easy to create responsive apps that can be deployed on devices from smart phones to desktops, tablets to TVs. Participants will see how Enyo focuses on JavaScript and how to create and package an app using PhoneGap. This will be a hands-on workshop.

Please bring a laptop with Enyo preloaded. Follow the instructions for installing Bootplate here: If you want to deploy your application with PhoneGap Build, sign up for a free account here:


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