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  • Robert Schwentker
  • Developer, PayPal
Robert Schwentker

Robert Schwentker is a payments technologist with 15+ years of experience as developer, and application development instructor. Currently he is developer & incubator relations at PayPal. Previously he developed components of Citigroup's International Audit Risk & Review system, designed & built apps for Mechanics Bank, and was developer evangelist at American Express.


  • Building Payments into Android Apps
  • Time: Wednesday @ 1:30pm | Room N-121

Mobile payments are the cornerstone of mobile eCommerce. PayPal mobile payments platform is one of the most mature and stable, and offers a full set of payment features. In this session we will look at the new Paypal Android SDK, best integration practices, PayPal sandbox, key Android components such as the Activities, Services and Manifest file.

By the end of the talk, developers will have an overview of how to accept credit card and PayPal payments in Android apps.


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