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Rob Fry is a Methodologist of the Data Visualisation Centre at the UK Office for National Statistics. Rob has a background in statistics, but is using this knowledge in the field of data visualisation. The work of the team focusses heavily on the opportunities offered by the web to produce rich, engaging interactive content that promotes the use and understanding of the data. The technologies used to create this content include D3js, SVG and the HTML5 family.


  • Transforming the Presentation of Official Statistics
  • Time: Wednesday @ 10:40am | Room N-114

Two projects which draw heavily on our understanding of how we interpret data. We are using d3 to develop cartograms to display geographic data from our Census. This approach will help overcome the issue of rural areas with a large surface area, but small population, dominating the message taken from standard chloropleth mapping. Animation is used to reinforce how the data is changing. Additionaly animated time series bar charts, again underpinned by d3 and perceptual theory. Links have been built with data viz teams in UK media organisations such as the BBC, Guardian and The Telegraph.

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