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I specialize in Front-End development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with a touch of Node and Ruby sprinkled in. I’m also a writer and occasional daily blogger. Though I’m originally from the South, these days I live and work in beautiful San Francisco, California.


  • Web Components are the Revolution
  • Time: Tuesday @ 10:40am | Room E-131

Web Components are about to change everything you think you know about building websites. You get how CSS works, right? wrong! HTML? nope. JavaScript? nawww.

Web Components are like an umbrella that encompasses many different new specs: Templates, HTML Imports, Custom Elements and Shadow DOM. They will force us to rethink almost every aspect of web design, from CSS scoping and markup conventions to JavaScript design patterns.

I'll take you step by step as we delve into this new dark art and together we'll build things which can only be described as straight up black magic. We'll also peek at some of the cool new toys (shiny!) and frameworks which use this technology. If you're curious about what your job will look like in the next few years, or if you just want to watch a room full of people have their minds blown out, come see the future that Web Components will bring.


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