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I have been doing web development professionally close to 4 years and casually since I was about 14. I am co-founder and Chief Code Wrangler of Modulus, which is a Node.js PaaS. I enjoy web development, and I love to help others learn and utilize web development technologies and techniques.

More professional history can be found on my linkedin profile.


  • Why You Should Try Node.js
  • Time: Tuesday @ 1:30pm | Room E-121

JavaScript has long been the language of the web browser but recently has been catapulted to the world of servers with Node.js. Over the past year Node.js has grown tremendously and is now being used by some of the largest tech companies around. Come find out why you should be looking at Node.js and how it can enable a whole new generation of developers.

  • Training Course Going Node

In this workshop we will be taking a look at Node.js and building a basic web application. Breaking up into teams, each team will be responsible for a simple web site along with a simple Node.js API backed by a pre-filled mongoDB database. After a little introduction to Node.js and MongoDB, teams will be set free to build whatever they wish with the data provided with the help of the teacher.


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