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  • Richard Clark
  • Director of Global Training, Kaazing
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Richard is Kaazing's Director of Global lTraining and teaches programming world-wide. He has taught programming for Apple Computer and General Magic, kept HP's worldwide sales force current, and tackled instructional challenges for Caltrans, Autodesk, Microsoft, and

Richard is an evangelist for new technologies with a focus on their practical uses. He has authored commercial web applications and blends the practical knowledge of a developer with extensive experience as an instructional designer and trainer.


  • Training Course Navigating HTML5 Development
  • Time: Wednesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-130

Are you new to HTML or have been away for a while? The world of modern web development can be a bewildering place. There are new HTML5 tags to master, new CSS selectors and features to learn, and an expectation of greater interactivity via JavaScript. There's also the questions that keep web developers up at night: dealing with older browsers, working with the wide range of mobile devices out there, and building high-performance sites.

We'll cut to the heart of web development – the essentials of markup, styling, and code to get you working today. You'll get to practice these essentials and make a plan for building your next web project. Let's give you a great head-start on the conference!


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