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  • Renato Iwashima
  • Full-Stack Enginner, Yahoo
Renato Iwashima

Renato is a full-stack engineer who has worked on some of the most popular sites of the web: the Yahoo frontpage, My Yahoo, Yahoo News, Sports and Finance.

In partnership with Steve Carlson and Thierry Koblentz he is now developing a next generation frontend architecture that addresses common challenges for large scale websites, which is currently in use by the redesigned My Yahoo.


  • Atomic Cascading Style Sheets
  • Time: Wednesday @ 10:40am | Room E-130

When it comes to CSS, the "sanctity" of the Separation of Concerns principle (SoC) has lead us to accept bloat, obsolescence, redundancy, poor caching, and more. We're introducing a new CSS architecture that we called "Atomic CSS". It challenges best practices to address many of these common issues.


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