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  • Phill Simon
  • Founder / Executive Creative Director,
    Mondo Studios
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Phill Simon has over 17 years of experience in the interactive entertainment field. In his current role as creative director of Mondo Studios, he oversees all creative aspects of development and production. Previously, Phill helmed digital animation projects on triple-A console titles for Electronic Arts, Maxis and Microsoft as well as numerous projects for Yahoo, TiVO, LeapFrog, VH-1, Direct TV and Cisco Systems. Before joining Mondo Phill was president and creative director for Jinx Studios where he developed projects for NBC, Excite, Nike, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers. He also produced and directed Virtual Jay, a series of animated segments that aired on The Tonight Show. Phill has an extensive background in the multimedia industry and has consulted for companies such as Nickelodeon, Mattel, Time Warner and Apple Computer, on their strategic initiatives in the area of interactive entertainment.


  • Developing branded mobile games using HTML5
  • Time: Wednesday @ 5:00pm | Room N-125

Mondo Studios has developed many high profile mobile / social games for big brands like HBO, Nickelodeon, Universal and Progressive Insurance using HTML5. Phill Simon, Mondo’s Executive Creative Director, will explain the development process used to create these campaigns: the tools used, design techniques, performance tricks, back-end services, game analytics and overall campaign performance.


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