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  • Peter Christensen
  • Senior Software Developer, Manilla
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Peter Christensen is a software developer living in the San Francisco area. He currently works at Manilla and prior to that he worked at Groupon. He has programmed computers most of his life, starting with Hypercard, and now primarily uses Ruby, Javascript and Clojure. He's also involved with software development for Tempo Automation, an open pick-and-place machine, and for the OpenROV DIY submersible project.


  • Robots, Circuits, and Drones, Oh My! Javascript for Makers
  • Time: Tuesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-131

Hardware development is approaching the speed and flexiblity of software development. You can buy a wireless circuit board the size of a quarter or a pocket-sized computer running Linux for under $50. This puts real-life hardware and electronics projects within reach of millions of innovators: robots, home automation, DIY satellites, and more.

Javascript is a great language for adding intelligence to these projects, because of its efficient runtimes, powerful features, widespread use and rich libraries. I'll share my experiences working with two hardware projects, including the value that software developers bring to a hardware project. After this talk, you'll be able to involved in an existing hardware project or start your own.

Finally, as an homage to our future robot overlords, I'll demonstrate controlling electronics, robots, and a quadcopter drone using a web interface and Javascript libraries.



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