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Paul Trani is a Creative Suite Evangelist for Adobe Systems focusing on workflows that empower designers and developers to publish to multiple screens and platforms.

Paul has been an Adobe Certified Instructor and courseware creator for over a decade. A writer and prolific trainer, Paul has earned top author status at and has created a constant stream of content for AdobeTV as well as his own tutorials on

Prior to joining Adobe, Paul led a team of interactive designers and developers at Starz Entertainment producing multimillion dollar web and mobile campaigns.

When he is not traversing the globe he can be found hiking somewhere in the Colorado mountains (and he’s not telling where). Best chance to find him is to follow him on twitter: @paultrani


  • 5 Things Developers Need to Know About Design
  • Time: Wednesday @ 1:30pm | Room E-131

Awesome design doesn't have to come from the design department. In fact, designers often play by simple guidelines they follow fairly intuitively that anyone can learn. In this session you will learn the techniques designers use as well as the things they wish every developer knew about design. Understanding these 5 things will not only make you better at design, it will help you work better with designers.

  • 10 Easy-To-Implement Usability Findings
  • Time Wednesday @ 4:00pm | Room E-131

It's hard to argue that usability is an important aspect of any web project. Making your content easy to use and enjoyable to your users can easily determine the success of any project. The great thing is that many studies have been done over the years on various aspects of web and interface design. In this session we will cover those usability findings and show you how you can easily implement the top 10 into your web site or mobile app.

  • Create the Modern Web Using Creative Cloud
  • Time Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room E-130

The web has changed drastically the past couple of years. The modernization of browsers, proliferation of devices and the shifting landscape of technologies. Web designers and developers need the latest tools and services to stay on top of these changes. Which is the goal of Creative Cloud. Building the latest in tools, technologies and services and delivering them to you immediately. Almost at a dizzying rate. So come to this session and see the latest Creative Cloud has to offer for web designers and developers. Timesaving tips, tools and technologies at your fingertips.



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