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  • Nick Desaulniers
  • ECMAScript Dermatologist, Mozilla
  • Twitter | Github

Nick Desaulniers is a young software engineer fighting for the open web at Mozilla. When Nick is not helping third party developers target Firefox OS, he's hacking on the Firefox OS Simulator, contributing to Rust, or compiling C/C++ to JavaScript with Emscripten. Nick is fond of learning numerous programming languages, just in time compilation, and high performance JavaScript. Contributing open source software and a free Internet for all are some of the things that Nick is most passionate about.


  • Always Bet on JS: A merger of the Browser and Operating System
  • Time Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room N-124

Firefox OS stands to make the web a first class player on mobile. Break free of the walled gardens, and make great apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this talk, we will go over how developers can get started developing apps that run great on Firefox OS, and how tools like Firefox's Developer Tools and the Firefox OS Simulator can lend a hand to the development process. We'll also touch upon how the mobile web differs from the always on, always connected web developers have targeted in the past.


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