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  • Michael S. Mikowski
  • Director of UX Engineering, Qualaroo Inc.
Mike Mikowski

Mike is an accomplished manager, developer, and product designer. He is the co-author of the Manning book, Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript End to End ( He has written JavaScript since its introduction, and created his first Single Page Web Application [SPA] in 2007 for the US and European AMD shopping sites.

He is currently working as Director of UX engineering at Qualaroo, a supplier of online marketing tools. He was a primary contributor on a new product they hope to change the industry. He has led the design and engineering on many web and physical products including 5 SPAs (and was a senior developer on a 6th). He also has extensive experience with very high volume, high availability clusters and systems.

Mike is also an award-winning and degreed Industrial Designer. He has been the development manager for numerous companies and products and has brought many complex software and physical products to market. In a previous life, he founded, grew, and managed an engineering and design house that became a Tier 1 supplier to leading automotive OEMs. Some of his more interesting experiences include solid modeling, plastics, CFD, FEA, Kinematics, mold flow, rapid prototyping, numerical methods, and music composition.


  • Make your SPAs Rock - Designing and testing quality SPAs
  • Time: Tuesday @ 4:00pm | Room N-125

My presentation builds on the speeches I gave at the last two HTML5Dev Conference. In the first speech (Oct 2012) I detailed how JavaScript is implemented in popular browsers, dispelled many misconceptions, and provided techniques we found necessary for successful development of SPAs. This was presented twice, with a total audience of around 650. The second speech (May 2013) "The Fog of SPA" discussed 8 lessons learned in 7 years of SPA development. This, as with the first speech, had about 150% capacity in the presentation room.

This presentation will show:

  • Disucss quality challenges unique to SPAs
  • Discussion of the 5 test-modes available for an SPA
  • How to design your SPA to desily provide these test modes
  • Designing regression tests to assure quality and prevent the "two-steps-forward-one-step-back" syndrom.
  • The use of nodeunit to provide headless, automated testing of SPAs

Many of the techniques are detailed in my book, Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript end-to-end, which will be published shortly. The presentation should be an excellent introduction and compliment to that text.


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