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Mike Hines

Mike Hines comes to Amazon after two startups and 13 years at Microsoft, where he helped launch several v1 products. As part of his work in Education software at Microsoft, Mike was able to address audiences at the British Education Technology Tradeshow (BETT), Blackboard World, and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE, formerly NECC). At Amazon, Mike helped launch the Kindle eInk app development project before joining the Amazon Appstore for Android team as an Evangelist.

In his role at Amazon, Mike has written mobile app test criteria, attended and judged at hackathons, is a prolific blogger for Amazon Appstore, and has represented Amazon at AnDevCon, SXSW and other events. Moving forward, Mike hopes to connect with Android developers and help them be successful with their apps and bring their feedback back to Amazon to continuously improve their developer experience.


  • Optimizing HTML5 for Distribution on Mobile Devices
  • Time | Room

Save time and trouble when submitting your HTML5 app to a mobile device marketplace by learning the common errors and performance tips that will help you optimize your web app for mobile devices.

This session will teach you the best practices around improving frame rate and ways to optimize <canvas>. We’ll also help you avoid mistakes, such as common cases that kill scrolling performance. We’ll also show you how to profile performance bottlenecks on-device using the Web App Tester tool. You will get a peek into the Chromium-based web runtime on Kindle Fire devices and learn how to accommodate device rotation, touch feedback, device resolution, and screen aspect ratios to fine-tune your web app experience on mobile devices.As an HTML/JavaScript developer you have several options available to you for publishing apps in the major app stores. Every platform has their own native option for app development. The problem with that approach is you greatly increase cost and code reuse is generally at a minimum and you generally have to learn a new language in the process thus increasing the time to market. In this talk I’ll take you through solutions available to develop, publish, and monetize your HTML/JS applications in the app economy and as an added bonus, how to cloud enable your HTML/JS apps.


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