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  • Mehul Harry
  • Web Product Manager, Developer Express
Mehul Harry

Mehul Harry is the web product manager at Developer Express where he works with and blogs about ASP.NET, HTML5, and JavaScript. He has produced more than 200 technical videos and interviews on Windows development and developer culture.


  • Write once, deploy to multiple mobile platforms
  • Time: Tuesday @ 10:40am | Room N-124

Creating mobile apps is tough enough. Now try supporting a native look and feel for the top mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8). This session will show you how HTML5 and JavaScript can create cross-platform and native-style apps with ease. You'll see PhoneJS, ChartJS, and PhoneGap in action.

  • Easy/Robust/True cross-browser web testing with TestCafĂ©
  • Time: Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room N-124

Come check out how you can run functional tests in any browser that supports HTML5. Run tests on remote computers, mobile devices, multiple browsers, multiple machines in parallel, and even tests in the background. And, you can write the tests in JavaScript. It even runs on different operating systems: Windows, Linux, or Mac machines.


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