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Matt Kelly Lead Rails Engineer at ZURB and HotChalk Inc. Born into a world gone mad with Java, and the promise of order and civilization brought at the hands of object oriented programming, Matt went down to the river of PHP to be reborn. But alas, these were false gods. Although fast and thread safe, his web applications were still in chaos. SQL injection was rampant, models views and controllers all co-mingled in a shanty town they named index.php. In the midst of a battle between the strongly and weakly typed languages Matt fled town, seeking something wholesome and good. It was then that he found Ruby on Rails, a shinning beacon of hope. Bet that wasn't what you expected and yes his talk is funny too and highly recommended. Matt's talk is on Interaction Design Engineering for JavaScript.


  • Training Course Introduction to Responsive Web Design
  • Time | Room

Learn how to design and build responsive web sites. We practice Responsive Web Design every day here at ZURB, heck we even built Foundation on these principles back when we launched it in 2011. This class covers both the Design patterns and code bits that all designers and front-end coders should know.

  • Training Course Up & Running with Foundation
  • Time | Room

Learn one of the hottest emerging front-end frameworks and incorporate it into your work tomorrow. Follow along and learn how to build a ZURB Foundation-based website from scratch, incorporating the responsive grid system, see the basic CSS in action, incorporate Javascript-based components, and customize CSS using Sass and Compass.

In this workshop, Jen Kramer & Matt Kelly will lead you in:

  • Downloading Foundation and incorporating it into an HTML document
  • Working with the Foundation responsive grid system
  • Exploring Foundation's core CSS, overriding this CSS using standard CSS techniques
  • Creating and styling interactive menus with Foundation, including dropdown menus
  • Incorporating jQuery plugins with Foundation, including alerts, modal windows, image carousels, accordion windows, and more
  • Customizing Foundation using Sass and Compass

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