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Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Before joining Microsoft in 2011, Matt was active in the local open source community. He discovered functional programming through Scala, which he enjoyed very much. At a Silicon Valley Code Camp in 2008, Matt had a break in his schedule and decided to attend a talk on F# by Tim Ng of Microsoft. At that time, he didn't even own a Windows computer and had only heard faint whispers about F#. By the end of Tim's talk, he was sold. Matt stopped what he was doing, switched his home machine from Solaris to Windows, and dove into F# and .NET. He soon learned that to really become an expert in .NET, you have to know C#, which he then picked up and enjoyed just as much. Matt tossed VB.NET in for good measure, which he found to be just as powerful as C# but with a more readable syntax. After joining Microsoft, Matt expanded on the C++ skills he used in his scientific computing background.


  • Introduction to TypeScript: Application-scale JavaScript
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room N-132

TypeScript is a strict superset of JavaScript which adds support for classes, modules, lambda expressions, and optional static typing. It's open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It's supported on any platform and compiles to standard JavaScript for use in any browser. You can also use any existing JavaScript library. This helps you write larger JavaScript apps with fewer errors. It also opens the door to great tooling. Come learn the basics of TypeScript. You'll leave with at least one way TypeScript can help you with your daily use of JavaScript. Learn more at



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