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Marcus is the curriculum designer and lead instructor at Hack Reactor, a 12 week immersion school for learning JavaScript. He wrote JavaScript framework code and anti-spam systems at Twitter, where he also lead the #CodeClass initiative, Twitter’s in-house programming courses. He’s passionate about outreach education, and has contributed to programs such as Coding for Good, Coder Dojo, JUMA Ventures, and The Stanford LEAD program.


  • Training CourseJavascript Simplified: The Cliff’s Notes
  • Time: Tuesday @ 2:30pm | Room E-131

In JavaScript, it's common to have to guess a bit about exactly which object the keyword 'this' is going to be bound to. We can get by with a foggy understanding of prototype chains, or the 'new' keyword. It's not just you -- the language is a little quirky. If you'd like to level up from a "good enough" understanding of JavaScript's nuances to a "right on, every time" roadmap, join Marcus Phillips, who developed software and internal JavaScript curriculum at Twitter, and now teaches full-time at Hack Reactor, SF's premier school for software engineers.


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