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  • Manish Garg
  • Architect, SAP labs
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Manish Garg is a software architect for large scale web applications at SAP, but more importantly he is a tinkerer. He has been working on enterprise software for several years and also contributes to open source.

Manish is currently working on a suite of SAP enterprise applications built with HTML5 and Javascript and building such applications is very different from building single web apps.

When he is bored, he is probably strumming his guitar or sketching cartoons.


  • HTML5 for enterprise apps
  • Time: Wednesday @ 1:30pm | Room E-133

This is a session describing the design and implementation considerations for very large scale web application designed in HTML5 & javascript. The suite of apps were built for fortune 50 companies with very high quality, performance and robustness as main goals. Design and implementation experience of these apps are significantly different from building web apps for consumers. Attendees are expected to learn about advanced design concepts for enterprise apps built with javascript and HTML5.



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