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Liyan Chang is Founder and CTO of Responsible for architecture and developer experience, Liyan takes tremendous pride in creating the tools and infrastructure that helps mobile and web applications excel. Liyan is a graduate of MIT and has spoken at numerous web and mobile conferences on creating compelling developer platforms.


  • Debugging Mobile Apps
  • Time: Tuesday @ 10:40am | Room E-133

Coding is 20% typing and 80% debugging so anything to reduce your debugging time can make a big time in shipment time. In this talk, we'll be talking about some tips and tricks on how to debug html on a mobile device such as using the Chrome Inspector to spoof user agents, iWebInspector/iOS simulator to debug mobile css, and Charles Proxy to debug network connections. (This section is subject to change as the tech changes) You'll be reminded of some old tricks that you may have forgotten and learn a couple new ones.


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