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Kyle Simpson is a JavaScript Systems Architect from Austin, TX. He focuses on JavaScript, HTML5, web performance optimization, and "middle-end" application architecture. If something can't be done in JavaScript or web stack technology, he's probably bored by it. Kyle runs several open-source projects, writes books, and speaks at meetups and tech conferences. He also helps drive the local startup/enterpreneurial community through events, coworking activities, etc.


  • New Rules For JS
  • Time: Tuesday @ 11:40am | Room E-133

I bet you've been writing JS for years and you think you're pretty good at it. I bet you think you know all about how functions create closured scope, and how `this` gets bound, and even how `.prototype` works. Or, rather, you probably don't care because your framework or library takes care of all that for you.

JavaScript is generally considered one of the most misunderstood (and maligned) languages of the modern programming era. And there's good reason for that, because most developers who write JS never actually deeply *know* how the language works. They blame all their WTFs on language bugs, instead of the shortcomings in understanding.

This talk is going to re-visit some of the ""tough parts"" of the language by declaring ""New Rules"" (Bill Maher style) for the language.

For instance: ""New rule: Stop using `this` unless you fully understand how it gets assigned.""

This talk is going to be hard-core on coding and expects a solid understanding of the language.



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