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Kevin Nilson is a three time JavaOne Rock Star, Java Champion and VP of Engineering at is a startup in the mobile and social space that is part of Google’s Startup Labs. Kevin has spoken at conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, Silicon Valley Code Camp, JAX, HTML5DevConf, NFJS SpringOne and AjaxWorld. Kevin is the co-author of Web 2.0 Fundamentals. In the past Kevin was an adjunct professor at the College of San Mateo. Kevin holds a MS and BS in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University. Kevin is the leader of the Silicon Valley JavaScript Meetup, Silicon Valley Google Developer Group and Silicon Valley Java User Group.

Julian Wong is a Frontend Architect at Graduate at City University of Hong Kong, started from Yahoo! HK and moved to Sunnyvale HQ. Loves Javascript and a fan of Crockford.


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This talk will cover recipes for building responsive web app with Backbone, RequireJS and LESS. We will show both the architecture of the app and how we are able to build the app using automation tools with tools such as Jenkins. Finally this talk will explain some of the unique challenges we overcame at to achieve continuous integration of our responsive web app. is a mobile social startup that started as part of the Google Ventures startup lab. has built a HTML5 responsive web app, native iPhone app, and Native Android app.


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