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  • Jon Ferraiolo
  • IBM

Jon Ferraiolo is a member of IBM's Emerging Technologies group where he focuses on various Open Web initiatives. Currently, he leads exploratory technology work around HTML5 graphics technologies, with an emphasis on leveraging the cloud and optimizing mobile delivery. Previously, Jon led the Maqetta open source project (visual authoring tool for HTML5) and served as director of OpenAjax Alliance. Before joining IBM, Jon worked at Adobe for 13 years where he was an architect, engineering manager and product manager on multiple products and where he participated in various standards activities. Jon played a key role in early SVG standards efforts, including sole editor of the SVG 1.0 Specification.


  • Mobile-First, Cloud-First Graphics
  • Time: Wednesday @ 10:40am | Room N-122

For this session, the speaker will provide an overview of work by IBM's Emerging Technologies group to develop a modern mobile-first, cloud-first visualization technology stack that uses 100% web technologies. Among the specific topics highlighted in the session: (1) leveraging the cloud (and cloud scalability) to push graphics computations from client to server in order to minimize client-side footprint and improve client-side performance, (2) use of cloud-based dynamic builds to minimize and optimize JavaScript to the client, (3) rendering and animation techniques to achieve native-like performance and animation smoothness using web technologies on mobile devices, (4) mobile-first architecture for interactivity, where touch gestures are designed into the architecture from the beginning, (5) building a transparent and extensible graphics architecture that embraces web technologies such as SVG and CSS, and allows developers to customize at any level using CSS and JS.

This presentation was contributed by The Graphical Web, for more info see Graphical Web Abstracts


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