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Joao Parreira

João Parreira is a software architect specializing in high-performance and high-scalability distributed systems. As the VP for Framework he's leading a team of software engineers focused on developing powerful cloud services to enable the easiest development of real-time HTML5 apps. He has been working on web applications since 1995 as a passionate developer, project manager and architect. When he has some free time he can be found cranking his Fender amp to 11 and strumming his Stratocaster guitar like there's no tomorrow.


  • Building collaborative HTML5 apps using a backend-as-a-service (BaaS)
  • Time: Tuesday @ 11:40am | Room E-134

It's common to hear HTML5 developers saying that they are front-end guys, that all they want to deal with is the JavaScript coding on the front-end and not really the complex actions of managing servers. Unfortunately if their applications have collaborative features or if they need to keep their data stored in a central storage, managing servers will be necessary at some point. If not for the sake of real-time communications between users at least they'll be necessary to handle the data storage backend in a scalable way. Well, maybe not!

This session presents alternatives to walk away based on the experience of one who's in charge of the worlds largest footprint in real-time cloud messaging, currently broadcasting over 1.5M messages per second and an excess of 600M user connections at any given day.

Catch a glimpse of a brave new world where your app’s backend is a cloud service and not a bunch of servers that you need to manage. Understand the impact of using a backend-as-a-service solution for your collaborative HTML5 apps. Leverage on the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. Listen to real-world success stories like Babblr, the popular Tumblr chat extension.By the end of this talk you will understand better the current BaaS landscape and be able to code your first HTML5 scalable collaborative application without even thinking about servers.



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