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  • Jeremy Pullen
  • Software Architect, Cisco Systems
  • Github

Jeremy is a software architect specializing in high performance HTML5 rendering and animations on embedded TV platforms. Jeremy led the HTML UI performance team for one of Cisco's widely deployed TV consumer devices, and he is currently focused on Cisco's HTML5 version of the award-winning Snowflake Open UX.


  • Writing HTML5 apps that run (almost) forever
  • Time: Tuesday @ 4:00pm | Room E-133

We'll share first hand experiences from writing HTML-based applications for widely deployed embedded platforms that have to run for weeks and months without a reboot. Topics covered will include:

  • Key forms of memory leaks
  • Garbage collection
  • Event and callback management
  • Browser graphics management and caching
  • Clean-up of misbehaving applications
  • Stress testing of HTML applications


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