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Jeremy Lu

Jeremy Lu is the founder of | |, he has more than 10 years of experience working with various web technologies including Rails, Node.js and Elasticsearch, he's also the author of "Backbone Rocks" and "Angular Rocks", both books share practical know-hows on building large scale web application in a team environment the robust and efficient way.

Jeremy is currently obsessed with data mining, recommendation engine and machine learning, you can find him online at, or via email at


  • Backbone Rocks - large scale single page app done right
  • Time: Tuesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-130 is a set of best practices and guidelines to help you build robust large-scale single page application fast and confidently. This is free ebook I'm currently working on, which comes with fully documented sourced code, it will be available online soon. Below is a brief on what it is about and the core benefits it provides.


People loves Backbone for it's simplicity and flexibility. However, for newbies and young dev teams, lack of explicit guideline and clear demostration on how to correctly implement critical business features could be daunting sometimes or even scaring people away from using it. solves this problem by providing abundant set of best practices, detailed training materials, specially hand-crafted addons and various cherry-picked components to show you how to correctly and efficiently tie all these moving parts together. It's the essence of our 10+ years experience working on large scale enterprise web applications (called RIA back then) with giant dev teams and codebase. We hope that by following approaches illustrated here, you will be getting off on the right foot at the very beginning and start to gain enormous productivity.

Why are we sharing this? was originally our internal training materials, after years of fine tuning and revision, we felt it's mature enough to share with the community and since sharing is loving, so why not?

Key Benefits

  • A complex enough demo application based on Backbone and Bootstrap, showing solutions to mission critical business requirments when building large scale Single Page Application.
  • Fully commented source available on github, or see literate documentations [here](#)
  • Easy to follow step-by-step guide and detailed documentations on each class
  • Helps to build solid application codebase with various hand-picked open source libraries
  • Suitable for mobile web and app development too, ie: working with Phonegap, Titanium and other wrapper technology
  • Clean separation of concerns (MV*) design makes it extremely easy to switch UI technology, say from bootstrap compnents to jQuery Mobile, Rachet, Sencha, Closure, YUI…etc
  • Especially suitable for mid-to-large dev teams with 5+ developers
  • Tailored to enterprise-level web application development where stability/readability/testability are of highest priority
  • You will not only learn Backbone itself, but also clear notion on MV* pattern, modular application design, sepration of concerns and a bunch of battle-tested practices.



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