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  • Jeff Newman
Jeff Newmnan

Jeff Newman a.k.a. The People's Recruiter, has been a Full Life Cycle IT Recruiter and Full Desk Placement expert for over 15 years. He prides himself on always making sure that what he is offering a candidate is an Opportunity and not just another job. He is always honest about the pluses and minuses and tries to not just be a recruiter but a career adviser. He is a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Mobiquity in San Francisco. His column can be read @


  • Recruiters: The Good, The Bad, and the Devious. How to maximize your career and get the best opportunity; not just another job
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room N-123

This talk will be about the down and dirty, how to deal with recruiters, how to know if someone is stringing you along, how to negotiate for more money, the difference between a job and an opportunity, among other things.


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