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Jeff Burtoft is as an HTML5 Evangelist for Microsoft and an avid supporter of the JavaScript/HTML5 community. Being in the Web Development community for over 10 years, his job title has morphed from the likes of ""Web Master"" to “Front End Engineer” and everything in-between.

Jeff is a huge proponent of web standards, and loves all programing languages, as long as they are JavaScript. Additionally, Jeff is co-author of HTML5 Hacks (O’Reilly Media) and is a founding blogger of Jeff lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife and three kids.


  • Web/Native: Blurring the Lines Between the Two
  • Time: Tuesday @ 11:40am | Room N-123

If you’re asking if your app should be web or native, then you’re asking the wrong question. Increasingly the differences between what is a web app and what is a native app are diminishing. App development is evolving and we’ll look at what’s changing and why. Then, we’ll explore the different implementation options for building Apps including native, web, hosted apps, packaged apps and everything in between. And if your skills are in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, then you’re in the perfect position to lead a revolution into this new era of application development.


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