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  • Jasper van de Gronde
  • University of Groningen

Jasper van de Gronde is a longtime Inkscape user and developer, and is currently working on his PhD in computer science at the University of Groningen. He loves developing and applying theory to solve practical problems, and this is reflected in most of his work. Recently he has started leveraging web technologies for experiments and demos, and feels that this is a great way to make his research more visible and accessible to others.


  • Web Graphics for Science
  • Time: Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room N-114

Even though there is currently a trend in science to use open-access publishing, code is often not disclosed, and even if it is, it is typically available in one of a choice of (obscure) languages. Compared to existing frameworks like Matlab, the web platform has several advantages, as well as some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is simply that much more (scientific) code already exists for Matlab, Python (Scipy) and similar frameworks than exists for the web, also there are still some limitations compared to native code, both in terms of speed and capabilities. Fortunately, there are already some initiatives to remedy this situation. Some advantages for the web platform include: MUCH wider support and deployment, no dependence on proprietary applications and very convenient standardized facilities for user interfaces, multi-threading, images, rendering (2D and 3D), network communication, etc. I will show some examples of demos I made to accompany (conference) papers, and discuss future directions. The technologies I will focus on are Javascript, Canvas, SVG and WebGL, in the context of image processing, computer graphics and visualisation.

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