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  • Jarrod Overson
  • Sr. Software Engineer, OneHealth
  • Twitter | Github

Jarrod is an avid open source contributor, a member of the Grunt and Backbone Marionette teams and the creator of Plato. He specializes in automation and improving the developer workflow while working at OneHealth in San Diego. He advocates for the open source web at San Diego businesses and provides training and instruction on the future of the web.


  • Continuous Delivery for JavaScript Applications
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room E-131

Continuous delivery is not an unattainable pipe dream. Learn how to incorporate tools like Grunt and PhantomJS into a build pipeline that gives you the power and reliability to deploy your code dozens of times a day. Continuous delivery is less of an end goal than it is a mindset that stretches from management to development. We'll go over the first steps of the foundation you need to incorporate the philosophy into your company.