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  • Jacques Lemordant
Jacques Lemordant

Jacques Lemordant got a PHD in Mathematics in 80. He is a researcher in the computer science laboratory of Grenoble (LIG). Since 2007, he is developing with several INRIA engineers a pedestrian navigation system for augmented cities whose one of the characteristic is to be accessible to visually impaired people.


  • Mixed Reality Browsers for Augmented Cities
  • Time: 11:40am | Room N-122

Pedestrian navigation enables user interaction with content by choosing where to walk and how to move through the augmented city. The introduction of mobile augmented reality browsers has forced a rethink on what kind of reality should be offered. Mobility induces a need for telepresence and simulation to free the user or developer of the necessity to go each time in the real world. Mobility is the main reason behind the concept of Mixed Reality Browsers. By its intrinsic characteristics, MRB supports advanced MR applications like remote maintenance, assisted navigation, cultural heritage visits, social cohesion by sharing with others.

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