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  • Jacob Rossi
  • Program Manager for Internet Explorer, Microsot
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Jacob Rossi

Jacob Rossi is a Program Manager for Internet Explorer working on advancing the web through standards and new user experiences. Jacob has been at Microsoft since 2010 and active in the web standards community for over 5 years. He's the author and co-editor of the Pointer Events web standard, former editor of DOM Level 3 Events and UI Events, and contributor to numerous other HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related standards. His recent work focuses on building an industry leading touch experience for the browser. When not thinking about what's next for the web, you'll find him paddling out on Lake Washington or hanging out in a pub in Capital Hill.


  • Immersive Interaction Experiences: Pointer Events, Panning & Zooming, and Gestures
  • Time: Tuesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-134

“Point and click” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Users want immersive, rich, and fun interaction models in today’s modern applications. Increasingly, users are also browsing on a variety of input devices from touch to pen to mouse and beyond. In this talk, we’ll cover new and emerging APIs for handling pointer input adaptively across devices, panning and zooming interactions, and gesture handling. Learn about Pointer Events, panning snap points, and gesture processing.


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