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  • Iker Jamardo
  • Ludei VP of Engineering

A passionate software engineer who's main interests include real time graphics and software architecture and design. Since his first steps in professional software development back in 2000 he has been related to the video game industry where he worked for several years developing AAA PC games. Then he moved to the research and lecturing field for over 10 years at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, where he developed multiple projects and publications in multimedia, virtual and augmented reality and accessibility technologies, working closely with companies in these areas along with universities like GeorgiaTech from Atlanta. Wanting to go back to the video game industry, he joined Ludei 3 years ago to help with the design and development of the core native multi platform technology of the Cocoon engine, a Service Oriented Architecture that includes CocoonJS, a customized JavaScript virtual machine specifically tuned for native HTML5 game execution and monetization.


  • WebGL: is it a game changer for web based game development?
  • Time: Wednesday @ 4:00pm | Room E-133

WebGL is getting everywhere. The recent announcement from Microsoft that Internet Explorer is finally supporting WebGL is just another example of the importance that this technology is getting among web technologies. For the first time, web developers can access complex graphics features that were only available for native game development. But, what are the real advantages of WebGL over other web based games development technologies? What are the different game engines that support it? Is WebGL ready for cross-platform game development? Can only 3D games benefit from WebGL? All these questions and more will be answered in this talk full of code snippets and useful tips that will try to show that the web environment (and specially WebGL) can be great for developing successful games, and could become in a real game changer.



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