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  • Ian Johnson
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Ian Johnson is the author of Tributary, an open source live-coding environment designed for prototyping data visualizations with d3. Ian uses Tributary to develop interactive data visualizations for modern enterprise software at Lever. He also co-organizes the SF Bay Area d3 Meetup and creates educational d3 videos at


  • Adventures in d3.js
  • Time: Wednesday @ 10:40am | Room E-133

Embark on a voyage across the HTML5 ocean! We will island hop from one graphical web standard to the next, exploring each one with data in hand. Along the way we will see various ways we can apply these technologies to data using d3.

This presentation was contributed by The Graphical Web, for more info see Graphical Web Abstracts

  • Training CourseIntermediate d3.js
  • Time TBA | Room TBA

d3.js is heating up in both the data visualization community as well as the web development world. This course will help you take the simple charts and visualizations you may have already played with and integrate them with larger applications.

d3.js is a toolkit that you can choose from selectively, certain parts of the API can be used in concert with any other html5 technology, and other parts force you to make a choice. This course will help you navigate the API and make informed choices.

This course will balance hands-on visualization with lecture and exploration. Many of the techniques I'll share can be tried quickly in the browser, while some will require longer attempts to fit your unique situation. It is my hope that you walk away empowered and excited by new ideas!


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