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Hampton Catlin is the inventor of several languages, including Sass, Haml, Tritium. He's also the original creator of He's obsessed with great products and great product design. He is currently the VP of Technology for Moovweb, a mobile site development platform.


  • Building the Right Thing
  • Time: Tuesday @ 10:40am | Room N-121

Why is it that some ideas work and others fail? There is no simple answer, but Hampton, the inventor of several popular technologies and applications, will share some of his thoughts on how to find great ideas and then, more importantly, how to exploit them. He'll talk about how he came up originally with the idea for Sass, and how having a great team in place allowed it to grow into something much bigger than anyone expected. He'll also talk about creating Wikipedia Mobile at a time before mobile sites were popular. And finally he'll talk about building a technology business to go after a market that you have no experience in.


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